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  • Do you want to move your business from paper-based to software-based?

    Moving to software-based solutions comes with a lot of benefits for your business. We'll help with a seamless migration to an online software of your choice. What more, we'll train your staff so your business can benefit maximally from this transition.

  • Do you have issues using spreadsheet and other digital applications for your business?

    Digital applications can make business management extremely easy. Lukro Ltd is here to help you identify and teach you how to use spreadsheet and other software you need to manage your business effectively and efficiently.

Other Services in Peterborough

Lukro Ltd is an industry leader in accounting, bookkeeping, VAT and payroll services located in Peterborough. However, our professionals have the knowledge, experience, and resources to handle many more services for your business. Our convenient online portal makes it easy for businesses located and registered in the UK to take advantage of our services.

Our team would be pleased to discuss your business goals in a consultation. We can determine if your business and Lukro Ltd can work together to achieve your long-term success; then, we can create a customised package of high-quality services that match your needs.

A few of our other specialties include:

Software Transition

Many UK businesses are turning to online or Cloud-based Xero accounting software to save time, money, and effort. Whether you currently have a physical, system desktop-based software, or another Cloud-based software, we can help transfer your data and set up your new system.
Our software transition services in Peterborough and business based in the UK can help businesses transfer their accounting and bookkeeping data into Xero Accounting Software. Our experts recommend Xero accounting software, for its user-friendly interface, cloud-based technology, and wide range of features. It allows for accurate data and reports, quick processes, highly secure information, and easy collaboration between team members.
Our expert assistance can help streamline the transitioning process, minimise errors, and optimise its services. Our software transition services also include ongoing support and guidance, ensuring your team fully understands the software and its benefits.


As an accounting and bookkeeping company, offering "References" as an additional service is crucial in providing valuable support to business owners. These references, prepared by our certified accountants at Lukro Ltd, serve as authoritative documentation that can be presented to banks, investors, suppliers, or other stakeholders.
By leveraging our expertise, clients can rest assured that the references will accurately represent their financial standing and credibility. Our team diligently reviews verified documents to ensure accuracy and compliance with UK accounting standards. This service empowers businesses to build trust and credibility, unlocking opportunities for growth and financial success.

HMRC Communication

When you are dealing with the HMRC on your own, you may spend a great amount of time communicating with agents, attempting to understand complex information and instructions, and filling out or submitting forms.
Lukro Ltd offers HMRC communication services in the UK. We can communicate on your behalf, to register your tax account, fill out the relevant forms, file your tax returns, or sort out any other issues. Our professionals will take on your case if we can help or resolve the problem on your behalf, after discussing the situation with you and reviewing the appropriate paperwork.

Personal Tax Account

Personal tax accounting is an efficient way to stay on top of your details and tax information with HMRC. You can stay informed about your tax obligations, keep track of your tax payments, verify your government benefits, or manage any tax matters.
Lukro Ltd tax specialists can help you register and set up your personal tax account. We ensure that your account set-up and personal details are accurate so you can take advantage of convenience when handling your taxes.

Lukro Ltd's other services

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Lukro Ltd's other specialties

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Bookkeeping for Sole Traders and Small Businesses

Accounting and Bookkeeping for Beauticians

Bookkeeping for Beauticians

Lukro Ltd helps cosmeticians take care of their bookkeeping needs while they focus on honing their skills and staying abreast of the latest trends. We understand that tracking your receipts and invoices, payroll processing, tax filing, storing financial documents, and other bookkeeping functions can be time-consuming and daunting. At Lukro Ltd, our bookkeeping services for cosmetologists will help you handle these stressful and time-consuming tasks. We will stay on top of your finances so you can focus on making beautifying your clients. Contact us now!

Accounting and Bookkeeping for Engineers

Bookkeeping for Engineers

Tracking invoices and monitoring financial records isn't a good use of an engineer's time and skills. We provide professional bookkeeping services that will take the time burden off you and allow you to focus on your core competencies instead of worrying about tax filing, cash flow problems, and payroll processing. We have worked with several engineering firms, and take pride in our in-depth understanding of your industry. Contact us, and let's optimize your business processes and bottom line with our specialized bookkeeping services for engineers.

Accounting and Bookkeeping for Care Workers

Bookkeeping for Care Workers

At Lukro Ltd, we understand that bookkeeping can be very stressful, tedious, and time-consuming for care workers. We will help you take care of your books so you can focus on taking care of your patients, their family and/or friends. Our bookkeeping services for care providers will help you maintain compliance with HRMC regulations, reduce operational cost, make sensible financial decisions, and ultimately help your business grow. We'll manage your business cash flow, tax filing, process your payroll, and ensure your business runs effortlessly. Contact us now!