Self Assessment Services in Peterborough and the UK

Register for and file your Self Assessment Tax return

Self Assessment Tax Return
Self Assessment Tax Return

Self Assessment Services in Peterborough and the UK

HMRC self-assessment tax returns are complex, demanding attention to every detail. It is easy to make mistakes, resulting in almost a million individuals receiving tax penalties and fines every year. Lukro Ltd takes the pressure off by helping you to prepare your self-assessment tax return accurately and on time. Don't risk costly errors - let our accountants take care of your self-assessment tax return.

At Lukro Ltd, our team provides high-quality tax services for self-employed individuals, sole traders, business owners, or individuals who have obtained untaxed income. Whether you are looking for self-assessment services for individuals or self-assessment services for businesses based in Peterborough or throughout the UK, Lukro Ltd is here to help!

Our customised self-assessment tax return services include:

  • Registering for self-assessment tax returns.
  • Completing your tax returns.
  • Calculating your tax position.
  • Advising you on your payment amount due to the HMRC.
  • Acting as your agent representative to communicating or call the HMRC on your behalf.

Simplify Self-Assessment Tax Returns with Lukro Ltd's Expert Assistance

Since HMRC rules can be challenging to understand, our experts can help determine if you must register and file self-assessment tax returns. Once we've determined your needs, we can take care of contacting HMRC to register you for tax returns. You will need to fill in an authorisation form (the 64-8) to show the HMRC that you allow us to act on your behalf. We’ll handle the hard work for you!

To prepare your self-assessment tax return, Lukro Ltd's accountant will need your unique taxpayer reference number (UTR) and your national insurance number (NI). If you are not yet registered for self-assessment, our professionals can help you register with the HMRC to receive the necessary UTR.

At Lukro Ltd, we use Xero accounting software or TaxCalc to complete your tax returns. We will calculate your taxes, find any tax savings, solve problems or anomalies, and advise you on your tax owing to the HMRC. Xero and TaxCalc are both HMRC-recognised and Making Tax Digital (MTD) compliant software, so you can always count on your self-assessment tax returns being submitted quickly and securely. In some cases, we can also use our HMRC Agent Account to file your returns.

If you partner with Lukro Ltd for self-assessment services, our professionals will inform you of the information and documents necessary to complete your self-assessment tax return. It is best practice to keep records of all your untaxed income, savings, and assets, taxed employment income and deductions, and expenses throughout the year in preparation for your tax return to be completed. We may also need supplementary information depending if you are a self-employed individual, company director, or have property, capital gains, or foreign income and gains. You can rely on our online GDPR-compliant portal to transmit or upload information to us, without compromising your details or data.

Once we receive all your information, Lukro Ltd professionals will be able to complete and file your self-assessment tax return and supplementary sections. Our qualified accountants understand HMRC rules and how they apply to different individuals, making sure that your tax returns are accurate and thorough. You not only avoid fines for inaccuracy, but you can also reduce your tax owing through available credits, eligible expenses, and benefits. We also ensure that your tax returns are submitted before the deadline in January so you can make the necessary payment and avoid late penalties.

Who should take advantage of our self-assessment services?

Many UK individuals believe that they should only file self-assessment tax returns if they are self-employed or a sole trader. However, there are plenty of people who are required to file a tax return. Our most popular services are self-assessment for:

  • Self-employed individuals or sole traders
  • Company directors or business owners based in Peterborough or the UK
  • Individuals with large or untaxed savings
  • Individuals with income over £100,000
  • Households receiving income above £50,000 and receiving Child Benefits
  • Individuals who own a property that is being let
  • Individuals who received a tax calculation letter (P800) from the HMRC

Stay On Top of Important Tax Deadlines!

It is crucial to be aware of HMRC tax deadlines in the UK to ensure that you file or pay your taxes on time. By doing so, you can avoid steep penalties and interest charges while also taking advantage of potential deductions or credits. It's important to stay on top of these deadlines to stay compliant and avoid any unnecessary stress or financial burden.

Please be aware of these significant self-assessment tax return dates:

  • Filing paper tax returns (October 31st)
  • Filing online tax returns (January 31st)
  • Paying your tax owing (January 31st)

Avoid unnecessary stress and keep your finances in great shape by partnering with Lukro Ltd. Our highly qualified accountants are committed to completing and filing your self-assessment returns accurately and on-time.

We invite you to contact us to find out more about our personalised services.

How to contact us and sign the contract with the Lukro Ltd

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