Payroll Services in Peterborough and the UK

We'll ensure your Staff are paid accurately and on time

Payroll Services
Payroll Services in Peterborough and the UK

  • Are you always having payroll issues?

    Late payment, incorrect deductions, misclassification of employees, and miscalculation of payments will have a significant adverse effect on your employees' morale. If you're having payroll issues on every payday, it is time to talk to a professional like Lukro Ltd. We'll handle your payroll needs and ensure your employees are paid promptly at all times.

Payroll (PAYE) / Pension

Lukro Ltd offers trusted payroll services in the UK. Our specialists ensure that your staff are paid accurately and promptly, receive appropriate deductions, make precise payroll tax payments, and maintain compliance with relevant laws.

We understand that processing payroll can be daunting and time-consuming for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). You may face challenges preparing payments and taking off taxes and other deductions. You may deal with payroll issues, such as making payment calculation errors, or overlooking employment laws and tax regulations. Lukro Ltd offers professional payroll services to help you eliminate these risks and burdens. As a result, you can keep your staff satisfied, avoid fines and penalties, and reduce time spent on lengthy payroll calculations and processes.

Our team uses an efficient system to streamline your payroll processes, calculate accurate pay, and reduce your costs and resources. While business owners are still responsible for paying their staff on time, we ensure you can carry this out on time every pay day. Our professionals can set your payments, but this process must be confirmed by your company director.

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Lukro Ltd is pleased to offer high-quality accounting alongside payroll tasks. By providing our team with access to your accounting software, we can prepare payroll journals for you. It allows you to record and keep track of one of your primary business expenditures, adding to the accuracy of your accounting and bookkeeping. We would be delighted to add this to your customised service package.

We use HMRC-approved software to manage payroll operations. As an approved payroll agent based in Peterborough, we can send PAYE information on your behalf via the Government Gateway System. Our professionals can also email you to remind you to make PAYE tax payments to the HMRC before the deadline. In this way, you can pay on time and avoid a penalty.

Furthermore, our team is located in Peterborough so we offer online payroll services to facilitate assistance for businesses located and registered across the UK. Our specialists can receive information quickly, prepare reports, and upload the data directly to your account. We prioritise the security of your data by maintaining a strong security system. Passwords protect all your documents (including your payslips, P45s, P60s, and more). The extra layer of protection ensures that your business and employee information are safeguarded, offering significant peace of mind.

Whether you are struggling with payroll, want to reduce the risks of processing payroll internally, or focus on your business operations, Lukro Ltd is your dedicated team of professionals for payroll services in Peterborough and the UK. Our specialists handle all your payroll needs and ensure your workforce is paid accurately and on time.

Central England Prestige Awards Bookkeeping Company of the Year 2023

Our payroll services include:

  • PAYE registration as an employer
  • Payroll Set Up
  • Monthly and 4-weekly payroll cycles as required
  • Electronic Payslips and report processing
  • P60 and P45 Forms
  • RTI (Real-Time Information) Submissions to HMRC
  • Pension registration set up with your chosen provider
  • Automatic Enrolment Pension
  • Payroll Consultancy
  • CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) Registration and Support
  • Dealing with HMRC Queries
  • And much more ...
Lukro Ltd's bookkeeping services

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