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Lukro Ltd proudly delivers online accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll services to individuals and businesses in London.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services in London
Welcome to Lukro Ltd offering Accounting and Bookkeeping services in London

Savvy professionals, entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, and small to medium-sized business owners prioritise strong financial tracking and management. When they can oversee payments, eliminate unnecessary expenses, pay taxes correctly, and optimise payroll processes, they can make strategic financial moves and maximise revenues. That's where our reliable accountants, bookkeepers, payroll clerks, and business consultants come in. We offer premium accounting and bookkeeping services to all of London.

Can hiring a bookkeeper save me money?

Yes, our services can save you money and help you reduce your tax bills. Our team will help you reclaim all expenses your business is entitled to.

Lukro Ltd - Bookkeeping and Accounting in London
Lukro Ltd - Accountants and Bookkeepers in London

Lukro Ltd is a leading bookkeeping and accounting company for businesses in London, United Kingdom. We stay committed to an increasing number of businesses across the country, courtesy of our far-reaching online services. Our upstanding customer care, high-quality work, and reasonable pricing help all companies grow and thrive.

Our team knows that every business has unique needs, which is why we deliver customised bookkeeping and accounting. In this way, we can meet each client where they are at and provide fully-optimised solutions.

As a multi-dimensional company, we go above and beyond so everyone can achieve their goals. Payroll services, tax assistance, start-up business formation, and business consultations are just a few of our specialties.

We provide fast, accurate, and coherent data. We increase accessibility and security with our Xero bookkeeping and accounting services. Clients can upload, view and save information from a digital portal anywhere in the UK.

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Lukro Ltd is Supportive Lukro Ltd is Supportive


Lukro Ltd always strives to support needs and goals. With comprehensive knowledge, extensive experience, and advanced resources, we're up for any job.
Lukro Ltd is Practical Lukro Ltd is Practical


Our digital services ensure clients can upload documents easily, access information quickly, and feel confident in their online security (GDPR compliant).
Lukro Ltd is Approchable Lukro Ltd is Approchable


We understand that business issues can be daunting or business goals can seem unachievable. Our professionals help you take the smartest steps forward.
Lukro Ltd is Friendly Lukro Ltd is Friendly


We genuinely care about our clients, and this sentiment shines through in our customer care. We are courteous, efficient, honest, and transparent.
Lukro Ltd is Professional Lukro Ltd is Professional


One of our priorities is adhering to the highest standards of professionalism. We remain true to this value, in every client transaction and all work we complete.

Our Services in London

Lukro Ltd Accounting and Bookkeeping Services caters to businesses in London and beyond. We find the best ways to accommodate unique business needs by providing a wide array of services and personalised solutions.

How to contact us and sign the contract with the Lukro Ltd

By incorporating these steps, we ensure a smooth and transparent process for you, while meeting the legal requirements for AML compliance.


Step 1

Enquiry Form

Fill out our short and simple online enquiry form. Your details help us understand your needs and tailor our services accordingly.


Step 2

Free Consultation

Book a FREE 30-minute consultation with us. We'll introduce ourselves, explore your requirements, and suggest the best services to meet your needs.


Step 3

Quote Acceptance

We will provide you with a detailed quote. Take your time to review the quote carefully, and to proceed notify us of your acceptance.


Step 4

AML Verification

After quote acceptance, we will request your ID and proof of address (dated no older than 3 months) for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) purposes.


Step 5

Contract Agreement

Following successful verification, we will send you a Letter of Engagement outlining the project's scope, terms, and conditions.

our reviews

It is our pleasure to offer online bookkeeping services to our fellow Londoners. Please read our customer reviews!

We have worked with Lukro for the past four years, and everything has gone smoothly. The great thing is that you do not need to worry about end of the year account deadline or confirmation statements. They will let take care of that and ask you to provide information on time. If something is too complicated, they will be happy to jump on a call and explain. The fees are affordable, and the service is remarkable. It is a truly small business for small businesses.

Deni K.
Highly recommended, the honest person I ever work with!! Thank you

Marta Potoniec
Lukro Ltd helped me to write letters to my employer and sort out my personal issue,

K. Nowek
Agnes is very efficient and helpful. As a new business owner, she had to set up financial systems from scratch which have proved extremely useful. She has always been supportive and prompt to respond to each request.

M. Barnas